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Fiber Made From Straw


Npulp® straw paper and molded pulp products are manufactured through a revolutionary new process that uses an enzyme to digest straw into pulp.

Not only does the enzymatic process eliminate the harsh chemicals used in traditional pulping methods, it also minimizes water and energy consumptions. In China, most straw is burned off after the grain harvest, emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and producing a nationwide pollution nightmare. We now buy the waste straw from local farmers, stimulating the local economy and reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Net-Zero Milling

Considering the environmental benefits of our new pulping method, as well as the CO2 offsets we have initiated (such as the introduction of wetlands) our Npulp mill is well on its way to achieving net-zero emissions certification – a remarkable achievement.

Npulp is currently available blended into molded pulp products, Kraft linerboards, medium paper and corrugated board.

NP 140 Medium paper Up to 15% Npulp® material Suitable for corrugated board.
NR 120 Blended pulp Up to 70% Npulp® material Suitable for cushion production.

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